A Clear Brand Message Will Grow Your Business

// How a half-day workshop is cracking the code of brand messaging //

It’s 8:58am. Final preparations are just wrapping up. Water bottles, sharpies and Cliff Bars placed at each table? Check. Ambient music on? Check. Taco lunch scheduled for delivery? Check. 

Brand Distillery is about to begin.

Attendees start pouring into our new studio at the Barrel Building in South Broad Ripple. This big open space with its exposed steel rafters and end-to-end windows is still going through a re-model. Aren’t we all? It’s the perfect atmosphere for what attendees are about to take on: clarifying their brand message, so that their marketing is more effective.

"I was able to simplify our brand message and introduce our unique value."

- Scott Whitlock, Flexware Innovation

The format is simple. We introduce a few mind-blowing concepts, and then ask a few questions. Attendees at each table coach one another in answering them. By wrestling through these questions, they are guided through a systematic process. Mind you, these are business owners, seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs; each with priceless insight to offer to those sitting at their table.

For most attendees, this is the first time they’ve taken a good look at the words they use to describe their services, value propositions or market positioning.

They’re challenged to end the allusive industry-speak, consider the needs of their customers, and begin speaking a language that appeals to those needs. Sounds easy, right? It’s not.

"We now have a framework for content and language that aligns with our clients’ needs."

- Amanda Welu, Delv Design

As predicted, attendees commonly get suck or even regress back to arbitrary language that carries little value. That’s why throughout the entire event our staff moves from table to table providing one-on-one coaching along the way. But the real heroes are the attendees coaching one another — they’re all in this together.

At the conclusion of the workshop, each person shares a revised version of their brand’s opening statement. It’s poetry compared to their former language. Confusing messages suddenly became clear, and boring pitches became appeals to the felt needs of their audience. This was their first step in composing a clear message that will permeate their web content, sales materials and conversations.

"Before I felt like I was on a trip without a map. Now I feel like I’m facing the right direction with a clear brand message."

- Liz Caudle, SteadyServ

And on their way out everyone posed for a photo op with our collection of vintage ray guns. We’re Raygun Workshop, aren’t we?

No amount of marketing can fix a broken brand. Unless a business can articulate clear value, marketing is just an expensive way of saying the wrong thing. We invite you to take the day off with us, and join other professionals in clarifying your brand message. Early Bird Registration is now open for the next Brand Distillery!

Next Brand Distillery

November 1st | 9:00am – 1:30pm
The Barrel Building
5335 Winthrop Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220


600 E. Carmel Dr.
Suite #139
Carmel, IN 46032