We led this soil analytics company to reach deep down inside of themselves to learn to speak the language of the top 25% of growers. Considering that the team is made up of published and peer-reviewed experts, we were able to compose a narrative that stood apart from other soil analysts.

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Positioning Statement

We are a team of agronomists and scientists that helps aggressive growers interpret their field data and take control over their yields

Champion Statement

We are for the legacy of generational farming, because we believe it is an indispensable part of our country’s future.

Brand Narrative 1

Advanced growers understand the importance of listening to their fields. But, even with gigabytes of data, it’s not always clear what those fields are saying, making it diffcult for growers to make informed and confidence decisions. Therefore, It’s imperative that field data be actionable.

Brand Narrative 2

From our first handshake with the grower, we enter into a partnership with the future. A century ago it was simply about going with your gut, putting your hand to the plow and facing your back to the wind. Today, those same fields now benefit from advancements in technology and human ingenuity to feed the families that care for them.

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