We led a complete re-brand that positioned this civil engineering firm to hit municipalities right between the eyes. It was time to break free from the industry speak and start addressing the felt needs of its market in a way few others were doing.

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A New Name

The client’s original name was Baxter & Woodman Control Systems Integration, or BWCSI. Choosing the name Concentric Integration conveys the alignment of systems and technologies sought by public works.

Positioning Statement

We are a team of technologists that helps leaders of progressive governments and utilities implement a roadmap to efficiency.

Champion Statement

We stand for a smarter, more conscientious use of utility resources, and a collective pursuit of innovation that energizes and inspires its leaders.

Brand Narrative

The proverbial gears of public works are intended to turn — driving municipalities forward. And when those gears seize, an entire community is left behind with archaic systems, as the rest of the world adopts advancing technologies. It’s time to move from hand-cranked to push button, from multiple systems to a single control panel, from hemorrhaging time and costs to seamless efficiency.

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