Seeing a specialty coffee shop open up in an economically-challenged neighborhood isn’t what anyone would expect. We helped their founders reach back to the bustling past of south Chicago and elaborated upon its proud history, informing its brand. Today, this shop has become a favorite destination and has gotten the attention of countless economic developers, including the Mayor of Chicago. Greenline Coffee even served as a location for the Spike Lee film, Chiraq.


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Brand Narrative (1)


“A steel artery that stretches from the heart of the city.  And that reaches into the south side, pumping life into 61st street. This once vacant building is now filled with the sound of clanging coffee mugs, steaming espresso machines, soul-filled music and the noise of friendly conversations.”

Brand Narrative (2)


“Greenline Coffee has become a bright shining light along a dimly lit street. The people gather around its tables for a warm drink, a good story and quick joke. And that light spills into every home and washes upon every face in Woodlawn. There’s a story here that everyone seems to be telling: Life is coming back to the south side.”

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600 E. Carmel Drive

Suite #139

Carmel, IN 46032