We helped to bring this new product line to the competitive backyard lifestyle industry. From naming the company to naming their own aromatic lamp oil, we weaved together a whimsical and romantic narrative with elegant visuals for outdoor enthusiasts.

naming + logo + messaging + photography + package design


The name Passage was chosen as a metaphor for the ongoing journey of the sojourner in all of us.

Positioning Statement

Passage is a collection of outdoor ensembles that helps sojourners capture the spirit of english gardens, courtyards and castles.

Product Description

Our collection of lanterns and vessels are suspended within a rustic cradle, designed to capture the aesthetic of twilight, transforming gardens from beautiful to magical.

Brand Narrative

Each of us walks along our own unique passage to wander and discover. In awe of mystery, it is along this passage that we might unearth the solace and inspiration we seek.

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Indianapolis, IN 46220